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Rabbi Michael J.Eljarrat
BA Hons Psychology

Basic Hebrew skills

Learn how to read, write and speak biblical and modern Hebrew. This short course has all you need to know to develop your skills and gain fluency in Hebrew.


When it comes to Jewish faith, perhaps the strongest leader in our generation is Rav Dror of the Emunah project. Visit www.emunah.com to find out more. Our course is designed to dovetail with the teachings of Rav Dror and to put faith into practice, with a solid foundation to Jewish beliefs.


When it comes to Jewish History, The work of Dr. Henry Abramson is the most comprehensive series available. Visit www.henryabramson.com to find out more. Our history course is designed to dovetail this work, and give the student a solid foundational background to Jewish history.


This course is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of the laws of Kosher. Everything that you will need to know to setup a Kosher home, and keep Kosher with confidence. Once you have studied this course you will be able to understand the many works written about the subject of Kosher.

THE laws of shabbos

This course is designed to be a starting point for anyone who would like to observe Shabbos. The student will have a basic knowledge of all the requirements and be able to learn almost any other topic in greater detail. With this foundational course you will have the confidence you need to observe Shabbos in a structured way.

Toxic Relationships

Is your partner a soul vampire, draining the life force out of you? If so you may be in a toxic relationship. In this course you will learn what they don't teach you, and how to repair a broken relationship or if need be how to divorce and remain intact as a human being with dignity.

aging with dignity

Growing old presents many new challenges, from health related matters, to psychological related issues such as regret and remorse. In this course the student will learn how to successfully age, and how to embrace the changes which occur.

Depression and suicide

Depression and suicide is a taboo subject, but it is very real and effects almost everyone. If you are suffering then this course is for you. We will provide you with the space that you need to successfully overcome this challenge, in a way that is suited to your personal needs.

Work, stress and Money

Whether you are broke or a multi billionaire, work stress and money effects our daily living and presents many challenges which can effect everything from our relationships with our loved one's to our physical and emotional health. In this course the student will learn how to have a positive relationship with the physical world whilst maintaining a high level of spirituality.

Frequently asked questions

BEEJEWISH © Assists those who would like to convert to Orthodox Judaism. We insure that our students are guided through the process from start to finish, and are able to practice as an Orthodox Jew.

There is no set time for how long it can take. Some people do it sooner than others. The entire process takes between 2-5 years. If you are not making progress, or are being overcharged speak to us to fast track your conversion.

At BEEJEWISH © We believe that converting to Judaism should cost as little as possible. We try render as many services as possible free of charge.

Anyone who is sincere about converting can become Jewish regardless of socioeconomic status. Being Jewish is most definitely not for everyone, and as a non-Jew you are more than welcome to join our Jewish community as a righteous gentile.

After seeing many false conversion programs, and the number of sincere converts who are rejected and given obstacles to face which are insurmountable, BEEJEWISH © has taken on the role of helping sincere converts through the process at every step of the journey.   

Yes, we are! Please contact us should you wish to join in.

Our students say

Having spent over 9 years searching for authentic learning of Torah, I find this structured approach a blessing without measure! To have found a smart and wise teacher and in a place that is as full of light and joy in the virtual classroom as it is deep and eye-opening in content has been refreshing and reassuring. Our Rabbi, Michael and our guide, Uziyah at the controls, are not only authentic role models in their conduct and life choices, they are creative and lighthearted in a fun and at times positively mischievous way that makes learning fun and effective. Our weekly classes have become something very special to look forward to, the highlight of my week! Seeing our Rabbi, his right hand man and the wonderful faces of our growing family warms my heart every time. Each encounter is for me the clearest affirmation yet that I am on the right path experiencing a carefully cultivated sacred Torah learning space. I appreciate the perfect pitch and pace of each lesson, and celebrate the privilege of being a part of something profoundly inspiring. My soul feels nurtured and uplifted at the end of each class, always singing joyfully from within my being! JOIN us, we look forward to learning with YOU!
Hannah heil
I'm so thankful and blessed to be learning here. We have a very loving and welcoming online community. Rabbi Michael is very caring, humble, and has much wisdom. I've honestly never met someone so kind and caring for other souls. He is there for us anytime we need him. The classes taught by Rabbi Michael are very detailed, and deep. But, at the same time, very understandable. Any questions we have are answered fully. The classes are something I look forward to each Sunday. I'm growing very much in my walk with The Holy Creator via these classes. We just don't learn to learn, we are learning and applying what we learn to our lives. Each lesson is broken down weekly in perfection. Never have I felt lost or rushed in learning. Rabbi Michael makes new concepts very easy to learn to a new comer to Jewish thought. If your a seeker of truth, and desiring to know more about yourself and The Holy Creator these classes are for you. Come and learn with us!
Christa Emuna Chuba
I really love learning about Judaism because the faith is based on belief that G-d is always with us. He never leaves us and Judaism teaches us to remember that. The classes are open to everyone. As a non religious student , I feel privileged to have access to such wealth of information. This empowers me to be a better person for myself and those around me by understanding fundamental beliefs and how they came about. - Mihaela.
Mihaela Popara
I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from the infinite knowledge of Rabbi Michael Eljarrat. Everyone who seeks the truth and wants to get to know the fundamental beliefs of the Jewish faith is welcome here. I feel at home.
Dominic Defries
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