Basic Hebrew Skills

This 20 lesson course will teach you all the required skills to recognize the Hebrew Alphabet, recognize tenses and even help you with pronunciation.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to wants to learn the Hebrew alphabet, and develop a basic knowledge of the Hebrew language. This course covers the letters, the tenses - Past, Present and future as well as the 7 Binyanim. This course also features tutorials as well as some insights regarding the letters themselves.

Practice makes perfect

This course comprises of 20 lessons and 7 tutorials. Please follow the course in order. When you have completed the course there are 2 quizzes. For you to test your knowledge.

This course was sponsored by

Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is a personal friend of Rabbi Michael J Eljarrat and a keen Student of Hebrew studies. The ongoing generous contributions, of Jonathan Bennett have made this course possible. BEEJEWISH would like to thank the sponsor, and may Hashem continue to bless him, his family and all his endeavors.

This course was written by Nechama Rozowski: Nechama was born and raised in Johannesburg. She matriculated in 2006 and obtained a distinction in Hebrew. She then went on to study in Israel at various seminaries for 18 months, and in that time, completed a kiruv training programme through Aish Hatorah. Nechama is currently Studying a BPsych in Psychological counseling, through Unisa. Nechama has also developed a Hebrew course, geared to teach children and students, between the ages of 8 and 18

In tutorial one you will learn the first 10 letters of the Aleph – Beis

 In tutorial two you will learn the next 12 letters of the Aleph Beis

In tutorial three you will learn about the Nekudos

In tutorial four you will learn about the tenses

In tutorial five you will see the 7 Binyanim

In tutorial six you will find a glossary of terms for making short sentenses

In tutorial seven you will hear pronunciations

Once you have completed all the material provided try out these quizes to test your knowledge.

Quizz 1

Quizz 2



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